It's over-the-top to the nth degree and it has been cleared for take-off.

Deep Silver has announced that Saints Row IV has gone gold, so the open-world game that includes things like the "Rectifier" anal probe weapon will hit store shelves in North America on August 20. It'll launch three days later worldwide.

You can also pre-order the Season Pass at select retailers for only $9.99. This will give you access to two brand new mission packs and that weapon I just mentioned…see, the Rectifier is exclusive to Season Pass peeps. Also included with the Pass is the recently announced Enter the Dominatrix DLC, which was originally going to be available for Saints Row: The Third for a whopping $30. The second extra mission pack hasn't been detailed just yet but it'll be coming your way next year. All told, the DLC will be worth more than $15, so you'll be saving yourself a few bucks by picking up the Pass.

In Saints Row IV , you play as the President of the United States and you must stop the alien invasion of Earth. That sounds pretty cliched but trust us, you won't be expecting all the nonsensical insanity in this game…

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8 years ago

got to try this out at pax over the weekend, gotta say its actually pretty sweet.
yea its totally betraying the saints row name, but 3 did that completely, so all i can say about this is at least its FUN!
a metric sh*t ton more than i could say about 3…….

8 years ago

Hopefully, they don't go overboard with the DLC this time. Saint's Row the Third had just an absurd amount of content available.