Quantic Dream always goes that extra mile when making an ambitious new game.

They don't merely provide us with an experience that is both dramatic and memorable, they also give us a technically superior presentation.

Just look at all the effort the team puts into making the gameplay in Beyond: Two Souls . There's more than just a slew of QTEs (Quick Time Events), which was a sticking point for some critics on the developer's past games ( Heavy Rain , Indigo Prophecy ). Granted, it allows the designers to put the emphasis squarely on the story and characters – which I think is the right thing to do – but many will still complain. After all, gaming is an interactive hobby and we need to feel connected to the on-screen events.

So, the gameplay in Beyond will be a bit more dynamic, while still providing players with an unbelievable narrative and setting. Check out some of the amazing behind-the-scenes action and you'll soon find yourself going, "wow…damn." They absolutely go all out.

Thanks, Zak!