The first piece of downloadable content for Saints Row IV will be what would've been an expansion pack for Saints Row: The Third .

The pack called Enter the Dominatrix was originally confirmed for the last Saints Row . It was supposed to be pretty massive; almost an entirely new game, in fact, as it would retail for $30. But then THQ hit the skids and things changed.

It was rumored that after Deep Silver picked up the IP, they took the idea of Enter the Dominatrix and expanded it to make it Saints Row IV . The theme is definitely similar. But now, via Game Informer , we've learned that Enter the Dominatrix will be the first DLC for the new series installment, which is set to launch on August 20. The DLC in question should arrive "about 45 days" after that.

They won't still charge $30 for it now, will they…?

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9 years ago

Here's your reason for never buying a Season Pass.

9 years ago

I'm pretty sure I've heard this pun done before.