Well, if you were waiting for the first price cut for PS3 software, wait no longer. Of course, it's more like a retail promotion rather than a permanent thing, but even so, it's good to hear. If you're a new PS3 owner, and you haven't had the chance to pick up a couple great titles, you need to head over to the closest Best Buy.

The mega-retailer is now listing a couple big-name PS3 games well below the standard MSRP of $60. As you can see by the link, Virtua Fighter 5 is now $39.99 ($20 below regular retail) and they've given Tony Hawk's Project 8 the same price tag ($10 below regular retail). We're not sure how long this will last for – if it is indeed a promotion – or if it's a permanent price reduction. However, cheaper is cheaper, so take advantage!

We'll let you know if Best Buy drops the price of any other significant PS3 titles, because we know you love your bargains!

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