Our most anticipated game from Square Enix defniitely isn't called "Final Fantasy."

It's Murdered: Soul Suspect , a crime drama where the player must solve the mystery of his own death. You will examine crime scenes, deal with witnesses, and survive the dark, dangerous otherworld, a place of limbo called Dusk.

And here's a walkthrough headed by Airtight Games ( Quantum Conundrum ) senior design director Eric Stutter. It's nearly 26 minutes in length and features some great drama, along with a host of intriguing gameplay. It appears to be an adventure game through and through, which is why we're so intrigued. It's not about shooting mechanics or fast-paced combos; it's not about explosions or gore, it's an intelligent, thought-provoking title that could be downright fantastic.

For more, check out our preview .

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9 years ago

I don't have time for all that but I love the concept and will be watching this one closely.

9 years ago

really interested in this, it has a really interesting concept.
not sure how fun and annoying its going to be though, i can just see the possessing witnesses and cops to see the world from their eyes is going to be a bit annoying.
yea your a ghost, but it would of been better if they allowed you to interact with the evidence yourself.