PlayStation Underground members are quite familiar with the fringe benefits: game announcements, new additions to the Store, upcoming news regarding new products, etc. However, if you may recall, when you first signed up for the PlayStation Network, you had to take a survey…and those questions have changed a bit.

Some of the newer questions are focusing more on the PS3/PSP connectivity issue, which can – evidently – be enhanced far beyond its current capacity. Some of the new questions ask if gamers would be interested in extra missions/levels/unlockables for PS3 games on the PSP, the transfer of media wirelessly to the PSP, recording gameplay, and using your PSP while playing the PS3 as an additional utility. There are all kinds of options out there, as the PS3/PSP connectivity clearly has loads of potential.

Hopefully, these questions will give Sony a good idea of the consumer's requests and demands. They could take this feature a very long way, if they were so inclined, and right now, it's a wait and see type thing: in other words, what do you want? Your answers will have an impact, we're sure.

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