That's what game director Motomu Toriyama believes, at any rate.

Lightning has been the heroine of the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy, but we'll be seeing a slightly different protagonist when Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII hits in February 2014.

And while the majority of long-time franchise fans seem to dislike the character (based on what I've seen), Toriyama believes she'll be "massively appreciated." This according to what he said in the official French PlayStation forums (as cited by DualShockers ):

"About Lightning Returns I really hope to introduce a new Lightning, and not just the Lightning that you got to know before, and that is already loved by the old fans of the series. This Lightning is different, attractive, and will be massively appreciated by all the fans. Please be patient just a little more."

…I really had no idea that Lightning was so beloved by "the old fans of the series." I mean, I didn't really have a problem with her, but she's hardly one of the most memorable FF protagonists, right? And does he really think her goddess transition in Lightning Returns will make her more attractive? Well, I suppose it's possible.

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