Man, this game sounds like lots of fun. Who's in?

Capcom has announced that DuckTales Remastered , the high-definition update of the classic NES title that stole everyone's hearts, has received a release date. It'll launch on the PlayStation Network, Steam and Wii U on August 13. For some reason, Xbox Live users have to wait until September 11.

The publisher also revealed a special boxed edition of the game, which will be available at various retailers for the PS3 on August 20. It's only a $20 bundle (and it hasn't been confirmed for the 360), but it will include a download code and an "exclusive DuckTales Disney collector's pin." For all you Disney fans, you can add it to your prodigious collections. To get you further pumped for this remaster, here's the first video in a new "duckumentary" series that displays developer WayForward's dedication to creating a great product.

Don't tarnish the good DuckTales name, damnit!

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7 years ago

I adored the original on NES, so I am greatly anticipating this one – right alongside Castle of Illusion.

On that note, I'd absolutely love to see Vectorman given this treatment…

7 years ago

humm will there be a disk locked content ? come on its capcom , how about day one dlc too?