It wasn't very long, but the first Grand Theft Auto IV trailer got so much attention, Rockstar's servers crashed like a meteorite when about a gajillion people tried to view it at once. Perhaps it was because they not only issued the exact date for the unveiling, but also the exact time . Well, they may not make that same mistake again, but it'll still get plenty of attention.

Rockstar Games set out a teaser e-mail today, announcing a brand new trailer for GTA IV, and this one might feature more gameplay. It's entitled, "Looking for that special someone," and it'll hit the Internet on June 28. Now, they didn't include a time (probably a good idea), but we're certain plenty of fans will be checking online pretty consistently all throughout that day.

That's right, another Grand Theft Auto IV trailer, and we'd like to assume it'll be both longer and more revealing. We know this suddenly became a top priority for many gamers out there, so we'll let you know if any details on this trailer drop before the actual release.

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