I can clear this whole mess up. An entire generation of increasingly bitter (and even hostile) Final Fantasy fans vs. an entirely detached company called Square Enix.

We say "detached" because we're still convinced they have absolutely no idea what their long-time followers really want. So, in order to bypass more ugly fallout, I've come up with one single question that Square Enix can ask the gaming community, and the answer will solve both problems. Are you ready? It's real simple; here it is:

If asked, would a Final Fantasy fan say they want Final Fantasy X HD more than Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII? Even more than Final Fantasy XV?

I'm aware that's basically a two-part question, and it's probably not fair to answer both parts until we know a lot more about FFXV. But for the time being, we can go with Lightning Returns . Now, if I'm right, the vast majority of confirmed Final Fantasy fans will say they want FFX HD more. And if that's true, Square Enix would have to see how critically wrong that is; from a business standpoint, it would imply that their beloved FF franchise has only regressed. Many firmly believe this to be the case.

If, on the other hand, I'm wrong, and the majority say Lightning Returns , then Square Enix wins and we have to shut up. We have to recognize that we're in the minority, and that it's completely unfair to bash Square Enix for ignoring their fans because in truth, they're giving the fans exactly what they want. Either way, everything will be resolved. I still say FFX HD would be the hands-down winner in such a poll. That would mean that a high-def remaster of a 12-year-old game would be much more anticipated than the latest, greatest FF in the offing.

Square Enix wouldn't possibly be able to misinterpret those results? They'd have to see it. Right? …uh…right?