Curve Studios will bring Stealth Inc. – A Clone in the Dark to the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita. It'll release in North America on July 23 and a day later in Europe.

This is a cool puzzle platformer with – surprise, surprise – a heavy emphasis on stealth. The game released for the PC back in 2011; at the time, it was called Stealth Bastard , but it has since been renamed for the PlayStation Network. The PS3 and Vita versions of this game will support the Cross Buy feature, so buying one means you'll get the other completely free of charge. Remember, Curve Studios has done a darn good job this generation, recently bringing us the critically acclaimed Thomas was Alone .

If you're unfamiliar with Stealth Inc , check this out:

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9 years ago

Haha, that looks great.

9 years ago

ooo, thomas was alone creators?
really enjoyed that game, its amazing how something so simple and basic can actually be so compelling!
hope this comes out on disc because im pretty much over my monthly quota.
f*cking bigpond tight a$$ed counting uploads towards your quota, there the only ISP that actually does that.
should be a law against that!

9 years ago

Actually, Curve Studios only ported Thomas Was Alone to PS3/Vita. They didn't create it. They did a great job though. They're becoming the the XSeed Games of digital indie titles to consoles.

Looks great! Love the stealth gameplay, level creation, and splatter effects when your character is killed. Will keep an eye on this game. 😀