Well, perhaps there's no need for the "semi-official" blog now (the well-known ThreeSpeech), because Sony has created an official PlayStation company blog . The first post has been added by Sr. Public Relations manager, Patrick Seybold, who says they unveil the blog with "enthusiasm, eagerness, and honestly, a little bit of relief."

"PlayStation.Blog is a bit of work in progress, we see it as a place where we can share with you our company’s collective insights, opinions and perspectives on all things related to SCEA, PlayStation and the industry we play in."

They plan to share "all sorts of things" at the blog, and that will include everything from new product news to developer updates to industry opinions. Fans will also want to check in on a frequent basis, because it's likely we'll see new title announcements at the blog as well. Furthermore, it's guaranteed that everything you see will be written by SCEA employees, so there should never be a question of validity.

Anybody can sign up and post comments, which is "encouraged" by Sony. They want you to pipe up with your own thoughts, which will in turn allow them to create a more informative and user-friendly site. Of course, they do have a comment policy, but that's hardly unexpected. In the end, we have an official place where gamers and Sony members can come together and discuss various topics of interest, which should satisfy just about everyone.

"Like we’ve said, we’re excited to finally have a platform for conversation and connection," finished Seybold. "Much more is in the works too, so we hope you’ll consider sticking around, kicking the tires of our shiny new blog and sharing what you think."

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