UPDATE : We really can't confirm this, as we've seen multiple listings for a PaRappa the Rapper PSP, but nothing on a PS3 game. Perhaps they believe the game will eventually hit the Store, and once it's downloaded, it can be played on the PSP…? We're not sure, but there doesn't appear to be an official announcement regarding a PaRappa for the PS3.

Original Story :

At first, it was revealed that the classic and revolutionary music/rhythm title, PaRappa the Rapper would be remade for the PSP. This would bring the relatively old-school title to a new-school group of gamers, as well as allowing fans to relive the thrill of playing the original once again.

However, Gaming Today announced today that the game actually isn't a PSP remake; PaRappa the Rapper is being made for the PS3. Now, they didn't mention a source – did Sony confirm this? – and they didn't say whether or not it would be a remake or a whole new game, so it's hard to call this fact. We also doubt a PS1 remake would be on the PS3 (unless its name was Final Fantasy VII ), so we have to chalk this up as a rumor at this time.

However, if it has been officially announced, we fully expect to see that press release at some point. We'll keep checking around, and when and if we can confirm this, we'll update the story ASAP.

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