As 2007 rushes onwards, any news regarding Killzone 2 is big news. According to the game's unofficial fansite, Killzone Unit, the upcoming Develop Conference in the UK (July 24 – 26) will feature Guerilla Games and a presentation regarding their development techniques for their highly anticipated FPS.

The presentation is entitled, "Deferred Rendering in Killzone 2," and it will be given by Guerilla Games' Michal Valient. The site includes a snippet of what Valient should be talking about, and that highlights how the team dealt with the challenge of using deferred rendering, which supposedly "suffers from fill-rate problems and lack of anti-aliasing." The team has designed a deferred rendering engine that uses multi-sampled anti-aliasing (MSAA) to deal with the obstacle.

"We will give in-depth description of each individual stage of our real-time rendering pipeline and the main ingredients of our lighting, post-processing and data management. We’ll show how we utilize PS3’s SPUs for fast rendering of a large set of primitives, parallel processing of geometry and computation of indirect lighting. We will also describe our optimizations of the lighting and our parallel split (cascaded) shadow map algorithm for faster and stable MSAA output."

A lot of fancy words here, but those hoping that Killzone 2 will be as amazing as the hype claims should be encouraged. Considering the amount of money Guerilla has dumped into this project, and considering the stream of information we've seen regarding the development process, we can't help but become more excited with each passing day.

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