It had a ton of promise but it just didn't deliver on all fronts.

In our most recent poll, we asked PSXE readers what their expectations were for Capcom's latest, Remember Me . The participants were mostly split into two groups: The group who said they "guessed decent," and the second group that said they "expect very little."

This sort of tells us that many gamers were anticipating a letdown. In our review, we outlined a variety of ways in which Dontnod Entertainment's product could've impressed, but didn't. Ultimately, you can have tons of great ideas and concepts but without proper execution, the result is only average. Ambition only gets you so far, unfortunately. Here's hoping these developers go back to the drawing board with everything they've learned, and deliver a top-notch next-gen game at some point. Don't give up now, guys!

This week, with the PlayStation 4 all set to be unveiled at E3, we want to know what you expect from the hardware. Not its actual potential, but its aesthetic appeal; after all, we haven't seen the damn thing yet. Think you'll be impressed? Or maybe you're one of those gamers who simply don't care what the console looks like.

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