You know, the more Square-Enix teases gamers with promises of "big announcements," the more we'll all start to imagine things that apparently aren't possible ('cough' FF VII remake 'cough'). But remember, this is the 20th anniversary of the legendary role-playing franchise, and that means it goes the whole year.

Just recently, Nikkei Business Publications asked Square-Enix representative Shinji Hashimoto if fans could expect more surprises this year, perhaps at E3 or the Tokyo Game Show. As is typical of replies to such questions, Hashimoto was rather vague, but said the company "has quite a few ideas." That doesn't mean much, but he also confirmed that the final 20th anniversary project will be revealed at this year's Jump Fiesta in December.

Now, it would seem reasonable to assume they're saving the biggest announcement for last. The Last Remnant was plenty big enough, but what could be bigger than that? We refuse to speculate, because we're certain everyone will do plenty of that in the coming months. Have fun!

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