Yes, it's still coming. And it appears to be coming along nicely, too.

We haven't seen much in the way of updates regarding Valhalla Games' Devil's Third project. But studio boss and ex-Tecmo designer Tomonobu Itagaki has promised Polygon that development is going "really well." Good news.

He says they're currently "discussing things with publishers" and continuing to "expand and deepen the gameplay," but he didn't specify which publishers have taken an interest. Remember, THQ was supposed to be on board to distribute Devil's Third , but THQ is no more, so… Unfortunately, the new game won't make it to E3 in June because Itagaki says the timing isn't right. But he did say:

"The game itself is pretty well along in development. I'm building upon the context I've created up to now to provide gameplay that will really surprise people. I'm not sure there's really a game like this on consoles, and I'd like fans to know that I'm definitely building this up Itagaki-style."

Well, then we should be able to recognize it, shouldn't we? Valhalla has big plans for Devil's Third , as they also want to bring it to other forms of media, such as novels and film. They're looking to make it into a blockbuster franchise but at this point, shouldn't they be considering a shift to the new generation? Just a thought.

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7 years ago

They want too much for this, it will probably be a good game that's a one-off. I can't see such a troubled project even coming to the next generation.

If they really want to build hype then missing E3 is a mistake, anybody can toss together an exciting trailer and that would probably be a wise move at this point to get tongues wagging.

7 years ago

hoping this will be out this year, its such a unique game.
it amazes me how few gun/sword games are out there, i mean theres so many movies out there but really nothing in the gaming realm.
really makes me want to go back and play WET again, such a underrated game!
plus Itagaki is such a bad a$$, all his games have been freaking awesome so im sure this will be too.
i just hope it has a bit more sanity than the previous ninja gaiden games, dam they were HARD!