This is one of those beat-'em-up games that could prove to be addicting. Perhaps it'll be the perfect way to pass a rainy day.

Dragon's Crown isn't far off now and thus far, we've seen several character gameplay videos. The Sorceress is just a tad overdone but hey, playing her still looks like a blast.

Now, we get the Elf and the Dwarf. As you might expect, the Elf is more about speed, agility and attacking from a distance, while the Dwarf is your miniaturized tank; a hardened warrior who can dish it out and take it. No matter who you choose, there's no doubt that you'll be smacking baddies left and right. You'll have to recruit a friend to play with you, though, as this seems like a game best played with a buddy (or two). Dragon's Crown is set for August 6.