If you've been participating in the Warhawk beta, you've probably noticed a small crashing issue. Well, that – among other things – should be fixed by today's patch.

Apparently, the purpose of the patch is to add stability to the beta, primarily to improve the smoothness of the experience. In our testing, we've encountered multiple freezes and crashes, likely brought on by clients suddenly quitting or disconnecting. Incognito is aware of this, and thus, the patch. It should also alter the way testers utilize VOIP; players will now have to press L3 to open a chat channel and release the same button to close a channel. Good. Now we don't have to mute all the goofballs at the start of every match.

We have no idea exactly when the patch will become available, but it should definitely be before midnight today. So make sure you download this bad boy to enhance your experience a bit.

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