It's one of the most atmospheric and entertaining games of 2013, and now it's time to expand on that great experience.

Publisher Deep Silver has announced four downloadable expansion packs for Metro: Last Light ; if you already know you want them all, just shell out $15 for the Season Pass.

First up is the Faction Pack, which will release for all platforms next month. This will give us a new and original single-player story that builds upon the game's universe. Then comes the story-based Chronicles and Tower Packs, which will "present a unique solo challenge to Metro veterans." The last piece of DLC is dubbed the Developer Pack and will give players a few "interesting tools" with which to explore the highly immersive environment.

Said 4A Games creative director Andrew Prokhorov:

"Artyom's story may have been concluded in Metro: Last Light, but there are other characters with stories to tell, some familiar locations that fans of the Metro series wanted to revisit, and some new challenges that 4A wanted to explore. Since completing the game we have been working on these new stories and hope to release them throughout the summer."

If you go for the Season Pass, you'll earn a new semi-automatic shotgun called the Abzats; its secondary fire shoots six shells in one blast. Pretty intense. Oh, and PlayStation Plus subscribers can enjoy a 25% discount on the Season Pass if they purchase it between May 21 and June 4 in the US and between May 22 and June 5 in Europe.

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8 years ago

I want this game. But I gotta quit buying games.

8 years ago

Well , with all those dlc announced you ll be able to buy a ultimate version when ready .So it might not be a bad thing to wait for it .

8 years ago

finally, a game getting SP DLC!
a very good game too.
shame i havent been able to play it as much as i would of liked, bloody work keeps pulling me away!
that and now RE revelations is out…..
dam it, why do all the good games have to release so close to each other!?

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