Another week, another sob story on the Sony front. The biggest
winner of the week is the Nintendo Wii, as it gained 11k sales
over the previous week to take in almost 70k consoles. Aside from
the Wii, the overall picture hasn't shifted much. The DS still
sold 123k units, meanwhile the PS3 has dipped below the 9k mark.
The PSP has remained largely the same, as has the PS3 and Xbox
360. Next week should be the week to look at the PS3, with Ninja
Gaiden Sigma finally seeing release.

Nintendo DS 123,140
Nintendo Wii 69,748
Sony PSP 26,358
Sony PS2 11,814
Sony PS3 8,998
Xbox 360 2,219

May 21st-27th:

Nintendo DS – 127,461
Nintendo Wii – 58,644
Sony PSP – 26,097
Sony PS2 – 11,311
Sony PS3 – 9,627
Xbox 360 – 2,044

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