This is what happens when a game essentially drops off the map for over six years.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII was once a hot item. A few high-quality trailers and videos released more toward the start of this generation were immensely promising. Then, as time went on, it started to adopt the unfortunate traits of "vaporware." Is it this era's Duke Nukem Forever ?

So we wanted to know, how badly has this affected the interest level of gamers? Our latest poll indicates that in fact, the continued, elongated silence has taken its toll. Although it was close, the majority of participants said they absolutely don't care at all about Versus XIII . Almost the same number said they're still stoked for the project. This isn't a good sign because three or four years ago, most everyone (especially at this site) would've been amped up. Big time. Of course, it doesn't help that Square Enix's continued missteps with the franchise in question have soured fans on anything with "Final Fantasy" in the title.

This week, we want to know if you plan to pick up the PlayStation Vita in 2013. The release schedule for the portable is still lacking in the opinion of most, but maybe there will be enough accumulated titles to pique your interest this year. Planning on getting one? Waiting until later? Already got one? Let us know, if you will.