PS3 sales have been slipping in Japan, but when the big-name titles start to arrive, you can expect things to change. According to the "most wanted" list in Japan's Famitsu magazine, four of the top five titles are PS3 games.

Obviously, software sells hardware, and the Japanese are anxiously awaiting some of the more promising PS3 titles that are scheduled for 2007. Once they hit store shelves, PS3 sales should experience a pretty big upswing. The four most wanted games are: Final Fantasy XIII at #2, Biohazard 5 (aka Resident Evil 5 ) at #3, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots at #4, and Monster Hunter 3 at #5.

But it doesn't end there. More PS3 games are further on down the list, including Everybody's Golf 5 (aka Hot Shots Golf 5 ) at #11, Devil May Cry 4 at #14 (the game is also scheduled for the Xbox 360), Final Fantasy Versus XIII at #16, and Gran Turismo 5 at #18 (although the game isn't currently scheduled for 2007).

Now, another bit of good news is that all these games (save Monster Hunter 3 and probably Hot Shots Golf 5 ) would also top most gamer's lists in North America and Europe; these are some pretty huge titles. Therefore, it's likely Japan won't be the only region that sees a steep increase in PS3 sales later on this year.

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