Okay, so it's probably true, but we guarantee the anti-game activists will take this and run with it. Not only that, but they'll probably blow it so far out of proportion, the little bit of fact included here will be unrecognizable.

The Christian Science Monitor – along with the National Wildlife Federation – reports that national parks have seen a steep decline in attendance over the last couple of years. Why? Well, they blame a number of things, including gas prices, TV, cell phones, and of course, video games. Obviously, anything that keeps you indoors will also keep you from experiencing nature, so this goes without saying…although we're not sure games deserve to be singled out. TV, games, movies; anything video-related are likely to contribute to this decline, right?

We certainly advise everyone to get outside and enjoy nature as often as possible, and we honestly don't know any avid gamers who shun the world outside their door. In fact, most adult gamers we know would often rather be outside than inside during beautiful days. Of course, that doesn't include children, so parents, get them outside and maybe visit a national park. They're there for a reason, ya know.

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