The PlayStation Store has enjoyed plenty of significant updates over the past few months, and it appears more is on the way…for North America, anyway. PAL gamers have yet to experience the consistency of updates the U.S. and Japanese gamers have experienced with the Store. The following set of additions applies only to North America for the time being (don't worry, UK users, we assume Sony will catch up with you guys eventually).

This week, Resistance: Fall of Man gets a couple major updates, with a free patch that upgrades the servers. It adds an in-game cheater reporting option and the XMB support is expanded (friends list is now viewable during gameplay on a separate tab), so don't waste any time downloading this one. Yes, of course it's free. To complement this update, there is the inclusion of a new Map Pack for the popular FPS, which will support all multiplayer modes. This will run you $7.99.

At some point this month, the Japanese will finally get online play for MotorStorm , and the friends list will now show up to 50 buddies (before, you couldn't see beyond 30, for some reason). You'll also be able to view more game details while in the lobby, and the "Coyote Revenge" track is also on the way. So two of the biggest games on the PS3 will get plenty of new content, but there's one other interesting tidbit to talk about: the possibility of a Lair demo

It's supposedly scheduled for this month, but we don't know when, and we don't know if it will be playable (we'd like to assume it will be). Lair is on many a PS3 owner's radar, so getting a close look at gameplay would be huge for June. We'll let you know ASAP when the date pops up, and what you can expect from it.

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