Rumors are fun, aren't they? Well, this isn't exactly a rumor, but more like a "you just wait and see!" thing. A recent podcast at All Games has hinted at a huge PS3-related announcement that will hit on June 11. The following quotes were pulled from the commentary:

"I can tell you this: On June 11th playstion nation will be smiling wide because they are gonna have something the 360 people can only dream of…and it was real time!!! …real time im tellin ya!! what we saw…we've been sworn to secrecy."

Obviously, this sounds like the unveiling of a new and exclusive PS3 title, but we don't know what it might be. Killzone 2 ? Gran Turismo 5 arriving earlier than expected? The entire thing is very mysterious, and it's surprising that we haven't heard anything about a major blockbuster title; a title that has miraculously avoided the probing eyes of the press.

All Games responded to the hype by saying this-

"Hey guys, this is scot (agn) from the podcast mentioned in this thread. The game we saw had an embargo of June 10th on it and on the 11th we'll have the developer and creator of the game live on our show so you can ask questions in chat or via skype. Sometimes magazines do in fact leak out before embargos because they have a lead time for printing. That said, the game appears to be very cool and as we said it's something that no 360 owner will be playing. I don't want to break our embargo but as a PS3 owner who hasn't been happy with the game selection, I thought this was a pretty awesome title with a lot of promise."

Er…okay. So I guess we'll have to wait until June 11 to learn about this groundbreaking new game, but it certainly sounds intriguing, doesn't it?

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