Sales in Japan have been so slow that I actually almost forgot
about the sales chart for May 21-27th. The Nintendo DS is still
selling enough units per week to form pyramids. 127k Nintendo
DS's were sold, up from 111k the previous week. The Nintendo Wii
saw an increase in sales too, with 59k sold. The PSP saw a mild
drop to 26k. On the other hand, the PS2 saw a minor increase to
11.3k units, and the PS3 had a jump of 1k units with 9,627 sold.
The Xbox 360 barely budged.

Nintendo DS – 127,461
Nintendo Wii – 58,644
Sony PSP – 26,097
Sony PS2 – 11,311
Sony PS3 – 9,627
Xbox 360 – 2,044

May 14-20th:

Nintndo DS – 111,239
Nintendo Wii – 52,193
Sony PSP – 27,505
Sony PS2 – 10,881
Sony PS3 – 8,659
Xbox 360 – 2,026

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