The silliness and adolescent attitude of Saints Row is what sets it apart.

And Volition producer Jim Boone believes that this actually helps sales, as fans of the series have come to enjoy that over-the-top zaniness. In speaking to OXM , Boone said that the juvenile nature of the franchise is a big part of its success:

"Ultimately, I don't think that Saints Row's tone gets in the way of bigger sales. If anything, I think our tone is an element of our success. Saints Row is quite unlike anything else out there, and I think gamers crave unique experiences–I know I do. We have a lot of passionate fans that love Saints Row, so I think we are striking the right chord."

Boon added that past and present management have been pleased with the tone in question, which is the reason why this year's Saints Row IV continues in that irreverent direction. He says publisher Deep Silver never asked Volition to make any changes to the project, and he compared Saints Row to the movie series, "The Hangover:"

"Based on the overall reception and sales of Saints Row: The Third, I strongly suspect many people enjoy this aspect of Saints Row, even if some may not want to admit feeling that way. Thinking of a movie series like The Hangover–people love the humor but you might not want to discuss some of the finer moments of those movies with your mom, for example.

I think the same might be true for Saints Row. We do get an awful lot of feedback from fans telling us much they love our juvenile tone–with some asking us to go even further! Ultimately Saints Row IV doesn't try to take itself too seriously and we even have a lot of fun at our own expense."

Well, yes, nobody takes Saints Row seriously. But I think the problem some have with Saints Row IV is that it almost seems like inFamous or Crackdown , in that the Saints will now have superpowers and there will be aliens to fight. Plus, as this idea was in place for a mammoth Saints Row: The Third expansion, many gamers are concerned that we're just looking at elongated downloadable content…

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9 years ago

I think it's great, even though it's an M rated game you get to goof off and not be all serious all the time which is where GTA is headed.

Very much looking forward to the super powers.

9 years ago

I've been a fan of the series since the first game, but I hope they dial the tone down a little. Somewhere between Saint's Row 2 and Saint's the Third would be fine.
Saint's Row 2 could be occasionally serious but it also had an anarchic streak that just worked. I liked the third game but it just seemed like a bit too much. Besides, I don't know how they take it further if they wanted to.

9 years ago

Totally agree. I really, really hope they are aware that this is in fact what a very large proportion of the fans are saying now.

9 years ago

they have taken the wackiness a little TOO far!
covering the town with sh*t was giggles and laughs in SR2, as was running around the town trying to injure yourself as much as possible rack up insurance claims.
but then SR3 got a bit too ridiculous, and the gameplay really hurt from that.
it just was no where near as fun as what the original 2 were.
its lost its soul too, SR always was about gangs and your uprising and survival against other gangs.
now its about, well, what?
really lost interest in the franchise, if i wanted to fly around as a super hero id go buy a game that was designed to be that in the first place!
not a open world gang game transformed into a superhero game.

sigh, one day, just ONE day id like to be able to turn my PC on and not find a franchise turned on its head and turned into a completely different game!
JUST ONCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
god i hate, despise, no loath this industry!
no, theres not a single word out there that describes how f*cking sick i am with this bullsh*t!!!!!