Maybe if we had someone entirely dedicated to creating decent games based on movies and TV shows, we'd get some worthwhile titles. Well, that's exactly what Brash Entertainment will be doing: yesterday, the group announced they would be developing games based on event movies, TV shows, and popular music artists. They look to secure as many licensed properties as possible, and they've raised $400 million for their endeavor.

Brash says they plan to take a unique approach to delivering games based on movies, shows, and music artists, and they've already got 40 licenses via partnerships with 5 film studios. As of now, the new developers are currently working on 12 games, and if they get their way, many more will be on the way.

"To me, great movies and great videogames, if well-made, can be two equally dynamic mediums," said Thomas Tull, Brash co-founder and Chairman and CEO of Legendary Pictures ("Batman Begins," "300"). "Both are immersive: both offer pure escapism."

The team is comprised of former employees of several big-name publishers, such as EA, Activision, and Ubisoft, and they've even got specialists in videogame law. Their creations will be distributed by Warner Bros., and their internal producers have already worked on recognizable titles like God of War , F.E.A.R. , Gran Turismo 4 , Spider-Man 2 , and Silent Hill .

"Brash is founded on the simple premise that top Hollywood creativity plus top game talent should equal great games," said Brash co-founder, Chairman, and CEO Mitch Davis. "We are laser focused on delivering high-quality games. The other aspects of our business are left to the experts — best of breed partners we've tapped for their specific expertise."

Well, maybe that's exactly what we need. So many movies out there could make for fantastic games, and the concept just gets butchered by unmotivated or incompetent developers. Could this unfortunate rule of the industry finally become obsolete thanks to Brash?

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