You know, I kinda miss those 12 years of comical Duke Nukem Forever news. But thankfully, we have another piece of vaporware to take its place.

We've actually had it for a while; we're already a good 6 years into the hilarious tenure of Final Fantasy Versus XIII . Maybe it has a chance of beating DNF! Well, anyway, Square Enix has apologized for the lack of information concerning the oft-delayed title.

Director Tetsuya Nomura said they'll be able to talk about it soon, and that we should "just wait a little more." …hasn't that exact same statement been repeated by Square Enix executives about six hundred times already? Maybe it's more like seven hundred.

Nomura was speaking on Square Enix Radio and the boss admitted that "even within the company it's a very delicate problem." He was referring to the question of when to release new details:

"The date when we can concretely lift the ban has been decided and we are preparing for that moment. Maybe the details as to why information couldn't be released might be touched upon at the next information announcement."

I'm sorry it's already overdue, but please wait just a little more."

Wait, there was a ban on giving gamers details on the game? Seriously? Why? And at this point, isn't it safe to assume it's a next-gen title? Maybe that's why they were waiting over the past few years.

Then again, maybe we just don't care anymore.

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