As soon as Bungie dropped the release date for Halo 3 (September 22), rumors began to swirl that Rockstar might delay Grand Theft Auto IV so as not to directly compete with the title that five million gamers have already pre-ordered. However, those rumors are bogus according to Rockstar, who isn't quaking in their boots.

Analyst Michael Pachter had earlier speculated that GTA IV releasing so close to Halo 3 could pose some problems for both titles:

"We believe that a two-week delay would provide a reasonable gap between the launch of Halo 3 and the launch of GTA IV, and would actually help sales of both games," he wrote.

But that's not stopping Rockstar. Kikizo contacted the publisher for comment, and they confirmed the game is still scheduled for "late October." The first concrete release date for GTA IV still sits at October 16 for the U.S. and October 19 for Europe, despite what the rumors – and analysts – say. So don't worry, GTA fans, you'll still get your fix well before the holidays.

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