Well damn, thank goodness for small miracles.

Maybe it would've sold well, and maybe it would've written a successful new chapter in the iconic franchise's history. But we're not sure the veteran followers would've been interested in seeing Capcom take that risk.

According to a Polygon report , a project code-named "Maverick Hunter" was in the works at Capcom, but it was ultimately canceled. Why is that significant? Because it was supposed to have been Mega Man first-person shooter. The game was being developed at Armature Studio, the team founded by Metroid Prime vets (they're currently working on the newly announced Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate for the Vita and 3DS). Perhaps unsurprisingly, this project apparently had the blessing of Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune, who has been calling out Japanese developers for not doing enough to keep up with Western game makers.

"Maverick Hunter" was supposed to "stay true to core concepts" of the series and feature a re-imagined X-Buster arm cannon. Armature even had a playable build up and running, but the project was canned only six months later. Sources claimed the game "showed promise" but Capcom ultimately deemed it a "significant gamble" and decided not to pursue it.

Yeah, we'll side with that analysis.