RPG fans may recall how Konami dealt with the Suikoden series; with certain installments, if you completed them entirely, that would be taken into account in the next entry. Team Ninja is taking a similar approach with Ninja Gaiden Sigma , by giving the gamer further incentive to download that awesome demo (as if we needed more incentive).

The final version of the game, scheduled to hit store shelves on July 3, will detect how much of the demo you've completed and then reward you with a certain amount of Yellow Essence. Those familiar with the Xbox versions of the game know all about Yellow Essence; it's used to purchase items and power up your weapons. We have no idea how much you'll actually get if you've completed the demo, but hopefully, it'll be somewhat significant. The game isn't a cakewalk, after all.

The demo is free, so what's stopping you? Get online and start downloading! Your efforts won't go unnoticed when you bring home Ninja Gaiden Sigma in July.

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