It's time to see what Grand Theft Auto V will look like when it's sitting on store shelves. This will occur in September, but you already knew that.

While we have to wait until the very end of summer before we can play GTAV, the box art should be unveiled within the next few days. For collectors who have a vested interest such a topic, this is exciting.

According to Gameranx citing a Rockstar representative blog post, the cover art for one of this generation's most anticipated titles is due very soon. As in, this week:

"The cover art is currently being painted as you've seen. Please stay tuned and we'll have it here in digital form at the Newswire this week."

Click through the link above to see the image in question, along with a theoretical image of the final box art. It should be similar to what we saw with GTAIV; it's like a gritty little collage of goodness, with various pictures highlighting different aspects of the gigantic adventure. There's no doubt that the game will indeed by "gigantic," both in terms of virtual size and popularity. Can't wait for the epic grandess!

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8 years ago

Painted as in actually painted?

8 years ago

A lil over 5 months from now and ill be able to play Radio Los Santos………Damn i cant wait to hear those talk Radio shows too lol already.

8 years ago

now maybe we can finally start seeing some gameplay footage?
one thing i hate about R*, they take FOREVER to make their games, and they show off basically jack sh*t about them!
im still on the fence if i should get this or not, still really concerned its another taxi driver simulator ala GTAIV, than a true proper grand theft auto game!
what happened to the good old days of leaping over nightclubs in a motorcylce!?
not to mention vigilante missions, chasing down wanted criminals, in a freaking tank!
we NEED the wackiness back!!!!!!!!