What would you do to get your hands on a beta if you're not among the invitees? Well, some would go to great lengths, as evidenced by the recent surge of players attempting to hack their way into the Warhawk beta, currently running on the PlayStation Network.

The Internet is a-buzz with a process players can utilize in order to access this beta, even though they're not among those invited. It's a bit complex, though. Apparently, you have to go in and "tweak" the PS3's Linux code, which sounds nasty in and of itself, but the full – and very long – process consists of plenty more steps. At this point, we're wondering if it even works, but we do know you shouldn't try it. This hacking hasn't been confirmed, anyway, but some random forumites around the 'Net insist it works.

For the record, doing this carries plenty of consequences with it. We're talking about an inevitable ban, from both the Warhawk beta (duh) and possibly from the Network itself, so it's hardly advisable to try this. But it just goes to show how far some people will go to get around the rules, and we'll have to see if this is something that could prove problematic in future betas on the Network.

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