Given the new capabilities of next-gen consoles, MMOs are starting to pop up here and there. The latest is a spy-oriented MMO for the PS3 from Sony, entitled The Agency . The game will involve a good bit of espionage on a massive scale, and you can view the magazine scan here .

As you can see, they intend to deliver all the stealth/spy action provided by the likes of James Bond, Jason Bourne, and Jack Bauer. You'll follow certain missions in the game, but once you've completed the first round, you'll have the opportunity to "branch out," in true MMO style. You can take alternate routes by accepting optional missions and even recruiting other agents, and you'll be battling your way through Eastern Europe and other picturesque locations. It's an ambitious undertaking, to be sure.

"The game design comes from the core principle of living the life of an elite agent," said Matt Wilson, executive producer for The Agency . "We want to make an action, adventure, and intrigue game with betrayals, etc…the stuff that hasn't been tapped yet in the genre."

Being able to choose between two playable factions also adds to the freedom, and it gets one thinking about games like Mercenaries . A game like this in a massively multiplayer online capacity has been a long time coming, and it looks like Sony's The Agency might fit the bill nicely. We'll let you know when more details arrive; the game is still in the early phases, but we'll hopefully have a release date within the next few months.

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