Remember those ten new GTAV screenshots that arrived a few days ago?

Considering their quality, some believed it was more evidence that Grand Theft Auto V would be coming to next-generation consoles. However, although we still say that remains a distinct possibility, Rockstar cleared things up over at their official blog .

Quite simply, they said the images you see "are from the current generation of consoles." That's not too disappointing, though; in fact, it's actually pretty encouraging. Developers are definitely getting more out of the current round of machines as time goes on, which is reason enough to remain excited for upcoming titles. By no means would somebody look at new games like The Last Of Us or GTAV and say they appear "old." That's just silly talk.

Still, GTAV on the PS4 would be mighty interesting…

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8 years ago

makes you wonder even more now if its going to be released on pc.
notice how they said current generation, and not current consoles?
is mighty impressive though if thats how the ps3 and 360 versions look, and all i got to ask is hot dam whats the next gen versions going to look like!?
just goes to show why R* are up there as one of the best, if not the best developer out there!
always bringing the most technically advanced games out there!
now lets hope it will follow its older siblings and offer the most controversial, humorous, FUN game out there too!
please, oh please, dont let this be another GTAIV!

8 years ago

Every time I look at the games coming out for the PS3 I feel better about skipping the first few years of the next generation. The Last of US. Beyond Two Souls, God of War: Ascension, MGSV, GTAV and many other games just look great on my aging black phat beauty.
Remind me again why we needed new consoles please…

8 years ago

Stupid dumb lazy 3rd party devs who are really lazy to get to know the PS3's arch better and still make "inferior" games for it.