It's one of the biggest upcoming titles for the PS3, and yet, we still know very little about it. They're planning a public beta for the game, but we have no idea when that might appear, and we certainly haven't had a release date. No, the PS3 Killzone project remains wrapped in mystery.

But if the latest GamePro edition is correct, this highly anticipated FPS will actually arrive this September. Killzone 's developer, Guerrilla Games, said as much in an article, and it got everyone thinking. Considering Halo 3 comes out the same month, are they setting themselves up for a colossal failure? Rockstar has said it's all about timing with Grand Theft Auto IV , and rumors have been circulating they might delay it a couple weeks to get further away from Halo 3 . Five million people have the latter pre-ordered.

But that's the date for Killzone 2 , apparently: September 2007. This must mean that beta has to start…um…tomorrow? Perhaps it's just a very optimistic release date, but we expect a clarification from Guerrilla soon.

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