The new Battlefield entry has been officially revealed, but with no mention of a next-generation version. At least, not yet.

EA has confirmed that Battlefield 4 will launch this fall and at this point, the game's pre-order page only lists PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. On the plus side, they released no less than 17 minutes of debut gameplay; check it out below.

But even if the new title sticks with the current generation, it will be powered by a new iteration of the advanced Frostbite Engine. Battlefield 4 will utilize Frostbite 3, which is said to "set a new standard for interactive entertainment in 2013." It's also interesting to note that some of the multiplayer elements will somehow be implemented into the single-player campaign. The campaign will also track a player's progress, which lets gamers compete head-to-head, and we'll be issuing squad commands at certain points, too.

Just as a side note here, but does that sound suspiciously like an "always-connected" explanation? It probably isn't, but still… Anyway, the pre-order incentive is simple: If you pre-purchase Battlefield 4 , you will receive a free upgrade to the "premium expansion." We don't know yet what is included with that upgrade but hey, free is good. More information to follow.