Okay, so the European PlayStation Store isn't exactly overflowing with content. After the PS3 launched in Europe back in March, users haven't been able to enjoy much of the content Japanese and U.S. gamers have found over the past few months. But at the very least, despite the lack of actual games on the Store, more trailers have indeed arrived. Well, in this case, one trailer.

But that one trailer shows a whole hell of a lot. Not only does it present some new footage from several PlayStation Network titles – Nucleus , Super Stardust HD , and Calling All Cars – but there's much more to feast your eyes on. The trailer previews screensaver-like things such as Aqua Vita and Sky Blue, which isn't all that exciting, but there's one last bit: a sneak peak at Home and LittleBigPlanet .

Now, we can't be sure if it's anything U.S. and Japanese gamers haven't seen, but at least European PS3 owners will get a close look at that massive PlayStation Home endeavor. It's set to launch this fall, and we assume that includes all three major regions. And before long, you European gamers should be seeing some of those fun Network titles.

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