As time passes, the industry moves forward and changes, and people get older. Opinions and preferences change as well.

Is there a genre that you used to really adore but just don't play much anymore? And if so, why? Do you have an explanation for the drop-off in interest? Or have you simply switched gears over the years?

I suppose I have to say my interest in JRPGs has tailed off almost to nothing, but that is not so much due to a personal shift as it is to the industry's shift. I have branched out a lot since my days of almost exclusively playing JRPGs during the PlayStation era, but the fact of the matter is that most of these games just aren't that great today. Production values have fallen way off and unless you're a hardcore niche anime fan, you probably won't be interested. I know I'm not. And with Final Fantasy 's erosion and obvious transfer to the land of flashy action, I'm starting to really not care about JRPGs altogether.

Of course, all that would change if they'd release a turn-based Suikoden or Final Fantasy ; i.e., a big-budget production for consoles, not the piddly little turn-based RPGs that are downloadable or designed for mobile devices. They're mostly for kids, anyway. So it's really not my fault. However, my tiring of the FPS genre could be entirely due to a personal shift. I've mentioned before that I'm having trouble getting into Halo 4 , which doesn't make any sense because there's really nothing wrong with that game. By all rights, I should like it a lot. But I've found that straightforward shooters just aren't doing it for me anymore. I really need more in the way of drama; a decent story, characters, and an engaging setting. I don't get that in Halo 4 but I should get it in Bioshock Infinite .

So what about you? Any categories of gaming you've since left behind?

P.S. I'm sure any avid JRPG aficionado recognizes the picture in this article… It's a classic, obviously.