Haze is rapidly gaining attention as an FPS loaded with potential, and there's a lot of controversy over which systems the game will appear on. Ubisoft has said it'll be multiplatform, but the PS3 will be the "lead" console. The publisher has recently clarified that comment a bit further, when prompted by GamesRadar .

"[Haze on]PS3 is confirmed for release this year. 360 and PC versions are not confirmed for release this year."

It appears we can officially call the game a timed exclusive, and we further wonder if the other two versions will be as good as the PS3 version. Free Radical's co-founder, David Doak, elaborated on the issue by saying Haze was built using the Linux coding language, which is certainly best suited to the PS3. If that's the case, and the 360 and PC versions are ports, we're forced to think the PS3 version will be superior.

Games designed for multiple platforms out of the gate are generally very similar – if not identical – to each other, but when a game is specifically designed for a particular piece of hardware and ported to other consoles later… Well, we know how that usually turns out.

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