Easily one of the most anticipated titles of the year, Bioshock is on every Xbox 360 owner's wish list. But wait…should it also be on a PS3 owner's list as well? According to the latest Official PlayStation Magazine UK, yes, it should.

Up until now, it was believed that the game – a long-awaited installment in the revered System Shock series – would be exclusive to the 360. But with all these games going multiplatform nowadays, it would be no surprise to see yet another third-party title go multi. The magazine clarifies that Bioshock is actually only a timed exclusive for the 360; a PS3 version will follow soon after.

This is huge news for PS3 owners, what with Devil May Cry 4 going multiplatform and constant rumors that Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots will also be released for multiple consoles. Even if Bioshock doesn't get a simultaneous release on both the 360 and PS3, it's still very, very significant. We have to wait and see if 2K Games will confirm this, but the magazine was apparently making the statement as if it were fact. We'll let you know what happens, that's for darn sure.

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