PAYDAY: The Heist was a solid and entertaining downloadable title, and now it's time for another go-'round.

Developer Overkill Software has announced that a sequel, Payday 2 , is headed to the PlayStation Network, Xbox Live and PC this summer. The first title only launched for the PS3 and PC back in 2011.

The original game had its moments, especially when the action spilled out onto the streets (ala "Heat"); it just had a few flaws that held it back. Here's hoping they iron out the kinks and expand on the concept. Said lead designer David Goldfarb:

"This game is really I think a much bigger and more complete experience. We're really taking it to the next level, I think, with a lot of stuff."

The new effort features a number of additions, including a skill and progression system that should certainly infuse the production with extra depth. Then there are four different professions included, each with its very own skill set. This could end up being one of the better multiplayer experiences out there, provided Overkill Software delivers the goods.

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