Cool! Another tie-in and another incentive to pre-order God of War: Ascension before it launches on Tuesday.

In addition to unlocking a demo for The Last Of Us , pre-ordering from GameStop nets you a voucher for two additional characters who will eventually join the fray in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale .

The two new fighters are Zeus (obviously from God of War ) and Isaac Clarke, the protagonist in the acclaimed Dead Space franchise. These two characters were announced last month and will be available to download on March 19; pre-ordering Ascension at GameStop means you'll be able to grab 'em for free. The other pre-order bonus at the retailer in question is the Champions Pack, which features a skin of King Leonidas from "300," a two-day multiplayer experience boost, a poster, and the Mythological Heroes Multiplayer Pack.

Anybody out there still playing Battle Royale ? It really is a good game and well worth looking into if you haven't already.

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