Well, this is somewhat alarming.

David Hayter is the voice of Solid Snake and has been for some time. His voice has become synonymous with the iconic character, so to have someone else voicing Snake might be tough for the hardcore fans to handle.

Is Kojima and Co. courting another voice actor for the role in the upcoming Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes ? Or is Hayter simply considering passing on the project? He ran an informal poll via his Twitter page , asking gamers to respond to the following question- "How would you react if I didn't play Snake in the next Metal Gear?" 303 people answered and nearly 1/4 of them (24%) said they absolutely wouldn't buy the game if Hayter didn't play Snake, and 64% said they'd be "Sad/Angry." Only 12% said "No Big Deal."

This poll indicates the possibility that the main man won't be back to play Snake. On the other hand, maybe no final decisions have been made, and this poll will have some impact. What do you think?

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