Anybody who comes from Thatgamecompany probably knows what he (or she) is doing.

The art director for Journey and Flower , Matt Nava, has opened up a new studio , dubbed Giant Squid. Nava teamed up with LA TV and film company Ink Factory to create this new endeavor, and he will be the creative director.

Another Thatgamecompany veteran who worked on all three of the team's projects (including the first one, flOw ), Nicholas Clark, will be on board as an adviser. And to top it all off, Grammy-nominated composer Austin Wintory will be responsible for creating the original score for Giant Squid's first game. This doesn't necessarily mean Wintory is an employee of the new developer, but at least we know he's doing another video game soundtrack. And as far as we're concerned, that's plenty good enough for now.

Can't wait to see what Nava and Co. come up with!