Well, you can't say DICE didn't support the hell out of this one.

Battlefield 3 was one of the best shooters of 2011 and the developer has worked to provide fans with new expansion content for well over a year now. The last of those DLC packs arrives this month, but it has been quite the ride.

As announced at the Battlefield blog , DICE has revealed the roll-out schedule for the last expansion pack dubbed "End Game." This aptly named DLC will come first to Battlefield Premium users on the PlayStation 3; it's set to come out this week (March 5). Next up is Premium subscribers on the Xbox 360 and PC (March 12), then regular PS3 users (March 19), and regular 360/PC users (March 26). EA has been good about giving Sony fans a small nod in terms of DLC; it's nice because it helps to counteract the timed exclusivity Microsoft enjoys with Call of Duty DLC.

So are you still playing BF3? And are you psyched for BF4?