We haven't heard much about the next entry in the ultra-creepy Silent Hill franchise, but thanks to a recent interview in Electric Shock magazine with the game's chief director, Masashi Tsuboyama, we've got more info. The biggest tidbit from the discussion? Konami could be planning to make the game exclusive…provided the PS3 sells better.

A few things are pretty eye-catching, here. First of all, Konami and the team looked closely at all the consoles and found that none were able to fully support their idea for Silent Hill 5 . Well, none except for the PS3. Tsuboyama said Blu-Ray is a "very necessary asset" in their development process, and he believes the system's processing power is "far beyond" that of the other consoles. Currently, they have no plans to bring the game multiplatform, although they may be forced down that road if PS3 sales don't improve.

We might be able to expect more info at E3, but for now, all of this is pretty encouraging for PS3 owners. It's another major developer saying Sony's system is head-and-shoulders above the competition in terms of power and potential, and if sales get better, we might be seeing more exclusives in the future. We'll keep you updated with any further Silent Hill 5 developments.

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13 years ago