Going behind-the-scenes before a game even releases is the hip thing to do these days. That's why we get all those cool "making of" videos.

And who doesn't want to see how Naughty Dog created the upcoming thriller, The Last Of Us ? They've kicked off their development series of videos and the first episode is here; it's called Hush and tells us about the origin and characteristics of the Infected.

The Infected are those horrendous-looking beings that are insanely aggressive and pose a very serious threat to Joel and Ellie. Zombies they are not but they certainly have a lot of similar characteristics. You're going to have to be awfully careful in dealing with these creatures; sometimes it will be best to avoid them entirely, especially if you're low on ammo and supplies. You have to be tactful if you want to survive this adventure!

The Last Of Us will be in stores on June 14.